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Qc Shades- A Super Cool Online Sunglasses Store!

“Sunglasses are like eye shadow: they make everything look young and pretty!”, says Karl Lagerfeld

Purchase the best, high-quality sunglasses only at QC Shades. Here is a list of sunglasses we offer for men under our KINGZ COLLECTION:


Casual is our super cool sunglasses which go well with every outfit. It is black framed sunglasses that will boost your style and personality.

Casual is available at $24.00 only at QC Shades.


Hollywood sunglasses are highly comfortable yet stylish pair of sunglasses that provide your eyes full coverage. This uniquely designed pair of sunglasses with brown lenses gives you all the comfort!

It is available only at $32.00. Avail the offer before the prices go on a hike.


Get the “Strong and Confident” personality with our Kingz-Gold Ambiance.

It is a super stylish pair of sunglasses with a black frame and a composed golden strip at the arms, making it stand out from ordinary sunglasses.

Gold Ambiance is available only at $28.00.


Kingz-Blackout will surely make your personality stand out!

Purchase this fantastic pair of sunglasses only at QC Shades. It has a stylish black frame and a golden cover at the bottom, making it super cool!

Avail this pair of sunglasses only at $20.00.

5. KINGZ-007

Kingz-007, our bestseller, is a trendy teardrop aviator!

It is made from a Plastic plus metal material that makes it super comfortable and trendy!

Kingz-007 is available in many colors- rust, blue, green, grey, and rose.

Purchase these stylish sunglasses only at $28.00.


Carry your “Glowing Vibe” with our Kingz-Legacy. It is a fantastic pair of sunglasses that has wooden arms, making it stand out from ordinary sunglasses.

Kingz-legacy is available in all the trendy, Gen-Z colors- black, blue, white, grey, green, tan, and pink.

Grab this comfortable pair of sunglasses for only $27.00.


On these sunny days, grab an amazing Kingz-Qualified made with copper and plastic material. Kingz-Qualified is a stylish, well-designed aviator with brown lenses and a golden frame.

This pair of sunglasses is accessible in all your preferred colors- blue, green, and black.

Avail Kingz-Qualified only at $28.05.

At QC Shades, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. Experience the best sunglasses shopping only at qc shades, an astonishing online sunglasses store.

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